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Lowe Skyboxes

Lowe Skyboxes (small picture)

With help of my friend, I now have a great gallery:
Gee’s Air Gallery. I even sold my first painting this way.

My friend is selling skyboxes: Lowe Skyboxes.  

I am trying to help my friend by making signs and tell people about Lowe Skyboxes… You can buy them.. Low on prims and very low prices… 350 L$ is very cheap, for such great skyboxes.

Here’s the first sign. Perhaps more will follow. Larger verion:

Lowe Skyboxes


First painting sold

I just found out: I sold my first painting…

Now it’s time to party…
Or perhaps save the money and upload more paintings?

I almost have a gallery

With the help of Lowe Skyboxes I’m starting a gallery… In a skybox ! Lowe Skyboxes, sign by Noel Gee

I  have 12 paintings in SL now… and more to come.
Never sold any of them, but I’m not in a hurry…

Have fun, and see what happens….