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Linden did answer

After more then 5 days, I got an answer from Linden.
My question was about ID verification.

Thank you for contacting the Second Life Billing Support Team. 
What we know now is found at our offical blog spot:  Regards, Jenny
***Using Yahoo Mail?  If this message appears empty, try forwarding it to a non-Yahoo mail account.  Your answer is there..we promise!***

Well… The good news is, it’s an answer.

The bad news is it did not answer my question. All I got was a link to the website with the subject I was asking about. That’s not an answer! And why can’t I use Yahoo… I thought it was one of the best emailers these days… What then.. Hotmail? Gmail? Why?

Well, OK.. I’m not a paying SL player. I think I will stay that, in the near future. Hope SL will improve itself. Give faster and better answers… And off course, fix some very nasty bugs… Still no friends online. Even the SL website says: “Friends online has been temporarily disabled.”

OK, I walk in SL. All around the world. And yes, somethimes, it’s fun. I meet new friends. And somethimes all I find are empty spaces… Houses, shops, bars.. But no people in them… Completely deserted lands…

Then I feel lost and sad. 

It would be nice if I could find some old friends… And no, I will not ask Linden a question about it. What’s the use of that? They know the problems. I don’t want to waste their time… I hope they will fix them, instead of introducing others…

Coming soon… New and exiting:

1) New viewers: windlight
2) Voice !!!
3) ID verification.

I can’t imagine the problems this will create. Why not just first fix the old problems, before introducing new systems (and just more problems, off course).

Perhaps I have to start a website to meet my lost friends… Outside SL off course, just to avoid the crashes, rolling restarts and buggy friends list… Lets see… Perhaps someone has already had that same idea?



SL still is fun. For me. I learn a lot about people, and it’s fun to walk in SL, meet people and visit nice places… But more important: I still am learning about me. And how I interact, why I do (or don’t do) things.

It started when I met an octopus. He (of She, pretending to be a He) made a great Av and was just floating in the air. Had a nice chat with him. Too bad I forget his name.

Then I met more and more fascinating people. Cats, butterflies, vampires, dragons… Beautifull (human-like) women and men too. And I learned it is nice. Meeting them, having fun in SL together.  No matter what they do in SL and what they look like.

Shocking… I learned things about me. How I look at people. I still can’t reduce the way an AV looks, in my mind. Perhaps I will never learn how?

Exploring SL is exploring ME… Great lessons to be learned. Same as RL. All things are lessons. A way to learn. Of these things… But more important. About you and who you are.

What’s the differance with RL? Perhaps the way people interact? Faster, more direct?

I’m interested what “voice” will be adding to the SL universe. Me, I still have to fix my boxes. I don’t even have sound yet… 🙂 …

Read more about “voice” at the official blog of SL:

End of vacation.

My short SL vacation has ended… Only been away for a few days. Got some sleep, in RL. And thought about what to do next, in SL… Work (paint more, sell more), have fun, meet people, spend time with friends, visit new places… Or start working on technical stuff…

Me, I’m just a tourist. Enjoy all things… And perhaps stay, perhaps go after few days. SL is not my real home (yet), but I like it a lot. Addicted? No. But it sure is fun to play the game… And meeting some special people, so perhaps it’s more than a game? Me, I just enjoy SL and see what will happen next…

SL vacation?

I’ve been in SL for almost 3 months now. Seen wonderfull things. Talked to a lot of nice people (from all over the world… my English is getting better, I hope. My French still needs a lot of work and my German is terrible, but nobody cares. Most of the time it’s fun.

I even made friends, and also lost some. Strange thing: SL friendships… Some women are mad at me. But they don’t know me at all, so who are they mad at? I don’t want to hurt anybody, but it seems to happen. Very strange. But most of the friends I made are just normal and nice people.. Well.. What’s normal in SL? Me, I wear a cloak on the beach, in the sun… And a hat, off course. I like cloaks and hats. But who’s to judge others.. I saw people dressed at cats, angels, butterflies… I even met an octopus once, flying in the sky. I had a nice chat wiht him (or her, you never know in SL)… It sure did widen my perspective of the human nature…

I even met some people who are special friends. Never thought it would happen, but yes, SL friendships are just the same as in RL. You never now exactly what will happen next… Things grow, all the time. And most of the time, I like it too. I’m a nice person, and it’s nice to meet other nice people. They exist in RL and in SL too.

I worked.. Get money on beatch towels and dancepads (camping). After a few weeks I made paintings, and had fun with it… Even sold a few, and made some L$$… With the money I made more paintings… Even met a nice person who helped me.. I use the space of Lowe Skyboxes. Just for fun, and perhaps it will create attention to the nice skyboxes she sells.

But now I’m at a turning point… What to do next? I can expand the gallery. Exploit it more in a commercial way (try selling more). But for me, that’s no fun. I like to create and never did care if it would sell… Or perhaps go back to writing again… Complete my book, and reuse the paintings as a source of inspiration? Or drop it all, create a new AV and try living in SL in an other way? Or….

For now, it’s time for a vacation. Perhaps for a day, perhaps a week. I’ll see. Get my feelings and thoughts together. Decide what to do in RL and SL. Get some sleep too?

Fun, when you think of it. Just like RL, I start planning vacations for SL. Strangly interacting, these two worlds. I will miss some of the people I met in SL, but I hope they will wait for me.

Vacation starts… Tonight. Just say hi to some friends, if they are online. And then I’m off. Away. Until when? One week.. Two weeks… See how addicted I am. Not more then two weeks, I think… Then I will sure come back to SL, and have fun again. With new ideas, new things to do and old friends to see again.

Bye for now,
Au revoir,
tot ziens.


No answer from Linden. Let’s have fun.

Interesting: still no answer from SL..

Rider at dragons passage 

A few days ago,  I asked about Age Verification. Still no answer. Yet. Is this the usual thing for Linden? Send a standard email, and nothing else? Strange… Well. Np. I just finished an other painting. 

I will upload it (and pay 10 l$). Just for the fun of it. Hope it will last. Still a bit worried. Let’s have fun, as long as it lasts. Hope it may last a long time…

Buy this painting? Or look at other paintings: visit Gee’s Air Gallery

Creativity and discussions

The art of discussions…

The discussion about age verification is good, but also fun. Much to learn, for me. Arguments, feelings, trust, humor too… Emotions and facts, interacting.
Almost like art. Interesting stuff, this. Not only for the actual things, that will happen. But also because it does something with emotions. For me a good thing to learn.

Fun to watch, and very good for looking at it, with an creative mind-set. Here ‘s a bit of text (not from me, but very good read).

Will history repeat itself?

 The full text of the reaction of T. Trudeau in the petition against Intrusive Age Verification ( )

This is reaction 917. There’s more interesting info in the petition, but this one caught my eye. Perhaps because my reaction is number 916. And also number 918 (double, yes, sorry: system did not check my name, I’m afraid). It’s a good read, enjoy. And hope Sl will never end…

Text of T. Trudeau:

Before I became a member of SL in 2005, I was a member of another virtual world (actually 2 different worlds with the same parent company, VZones). My association with that other company began clear back in 2000.

VZones originally advertised one of their worlds – VZ Connections – as an “adult-only” product back in 1998. It was conceived as a virtual dating place for adults, and the parent company even worked in tandem with an online dating service. But that began to change within a couple of years.

How and why did it change? Well, management wanted to expand business. At the time, virtual worlds were still in their infancy. VZC had a small but loyal group of members, but the business wasn’t expanding as quickly as management wanted it to expand. So, to get new people to try their service, they decided to offer both free accounts, and greatly discounted paid memberships in VZC. And though new members still had to check that “I certify that I am at least 18 years of age” box, they didn’t have to furnish credit card numbers to become free members.

Free accounts were restricted to the “free areas”. It’s hard to compare apples to oranges here, but it would be like restricting all of the “no payment info on file” members in SL to say, 20 or 25 sims in all of SL. But for the nominal price of $9.95 USD, you could buy a 6-month account that had full access to VZC.

The end result of this offer was nothing but PURE CHAOS, for both members and management.

What they discovered was that – instead of attracting NEW customers – their discounted price was encouraging their present membership to invest in as many alt accounts as they could afford to carry. It also encouraged some families to allow their teenagers to have accounts there.

Their kids wanted those accounts…..they saw Mom & Dad having fun with those little avatars, and they wanted to join in. Some of the more liberal parents saw no harm in it. But they usually let the kids start in the free areas.

The free areas were more like free-for-alls. That’s where the griefers, cheats and con artists liked to hang out. Being in the free areas for any length of time was a uniquely unpleasant experience. The main inhabitants there invariably swore like sailors and acted like prize creeps. But once Mom and/or Dad had allowed their kids into VZC, they found it difficult to cancel their kids’ accounts. So their kids stayed IW and “under their supervision” (yeah, right), with paid accounts.

Eventually VZones’ management wised-up to the fact that they really hadn’t gained that many NEW paying customers with their free and discounted membership offers. They quit offering the free accounts, which (for the most part) was a GOOD thing. Ridding themselves of the free accounts also got rid of most of the troublemakers…..though there were some who had become so heavily vested in VZC that they decided to stay and pay their monthly membership fees.

Then there were the members who had joined at the discount rate. Those accounts were allowed to stay through their current 6-month membership period…..but once that last 6 months was up they had to start paying $9.95 per month, per account. There was a huge outcry against management’s decision to also stop offering the discounted memberships in VZC, and many people left because of it. The once heavily-prolific alt accounts became much more rare.

VZC no longer exists under that name, and the world it has evolved into now touts itself as a PG-13 world…..much to the dismay of most of the oldbies there. The partnership with the online dating service is long gone. I would conservatively guess that they have lost at least 50% of their old (and formerly VERY loyal) customer base, due to this and other issues. I dropped my last account there last month, after being a member of 7 years AND a former staffer.

The reason I bring this up is that I see history repeating itself in SL, and it saddens me. I’m NOT saying that everyone with a “no payment info given” account is a low-life (that wasn’t the case in VZC, either), but the sheer proliferation of those accounts has to also raise the likelihood of encountering more cheats and griefers.

Having said all that, I agree with almost everyone here that it’s patently ridiculous of LL to start “carding” all of its legitimate members, especially when those members who were caught in this age play incident were both – in fact – of legal age. I simply don’t see where age play in general has anything to do with minors being present in the adult grid.

LL has been no more or less remiss in its membership requirements than other similar companies. IMO, if a relative handful of deviously clever teenagers manages to make it into SL by deceptive means, then anything “harmful” they might happen to see is their own doing. Instead of getting angry at LL and threatening legal action, parents should be punishing their kids for their dishonesty. And while they’re at it, they need to take stock of their own lack of responsibility, in not supervising their offsping more closely.

LL cannot seriously be considering what so many fear. Until (and unless) it actually happens, I’ll view it as so much farting in the wind. They cannot legally ask for personal information (i.e. Social Security or Passport numbers), so why worry ourselves sick over it? And think about it….they are going to try and force over 6 MILLION members to provide proof of age?

I think once they consider all of the ramifications of this idea, LL will realize that they are:

1. overreacting,
2. directing their overreaction toward the wrong parties,
3. overstepping their bounds both legally and logistically,
4. seriously underestimating how many loyal customers they will offend.

They may just back off before this “plan” ever comes to fruition. Let’s all HOPE so.

Comment by T. Trudeau — May 14, 2007

Trust Integrety?

This is something to think about: no direct source… But I will try to find more info. Things are getting more and more … ? Well.. interesting is not the right word any more… Strange? Like all other things in SL?

Integrity is just a brand name of Aristotle. Aristotle is acompany gathering data and process this data for political parties to make election propaganda more effective.  Get informed:

Would you trustfully give your very personal data to a company offering “Power Tools for Politics”?

* Keep in mind: This is a database with people who 
* explicitly want to see adult content! It’s a gift
* for some republican politics, religious extremists
* or fanatics….. 
* – in other words, the customers of Aristotle. 

I’m not sure if this is true or not. Perhaps just a gossip.. But is’t an interesting read.

How is Aristotle connected to Integrety? Aristotle claims on their site:
Democracy is our business. Political professionals are our customers

How will this saveguard my id information? I still don’t get a very happy feeling…

And I still don’t know what company SL will use in Holland (or Europe as a whole?)… Seems to me it’s not all that save to trust SL with my data… Or any other compagny, in that matter… Don’t forget: any website and any digital system can be corrupted. I’ve seen it happen, and it will happen in the future.

Who is really who in RL… Sensitive info… Do I want my real name on the street? I certainly will think about it… Today, for me, SL is fun. Let’s hope it stays that way…

Petition against id registration

I found a site to sign a petetion against the id registration.
Too bad it crashed 3 times: perhaps they are to popular (to many people signing) and the sites is crashed… I don’t know, but I’m happy someone started this: 

I certaintly hope it will have some effect…

Linden does not answer me?

OK, the good news is, Linden replied to my call about identification… 

The bad news is, it’s an automatic respons email.
I’m still waiting for a normal (human) reply.
Perhaps I’m too impatient?

This is the automatic email respons.. Still nothing more, yet…

Thank you for contacting Second Life Technical Support. Your question regarding Contacting: Billing Questions has been received. Inquiries received during working hours will likely receive a very quick response; inquiries received after hours or on the weekend might have a wait a bit longer, probably until the next business day. Your request has been assigned an ID of [ #842XXX].


Gee Noel in front of some paintingsWas fun in SL today…

Made some paintings. Meet people. Learn about SL…
Hope i will still be in SL when the new registration rules are implemented. Nothing from Sl yet, on my question about that… Will have to wait and see what happens… Worries me sometimes. Not much.. But still. At the background, in my mind.

This is photo of my, in front of some paintings. Hope I will be able to make more… Ah well… It is fun, while I still can play as a non registred user. How long? Nobody knows.

Ah well… That’s life.

First contact

I made a big step… Tried to contact SL today. A bit difficult, but I found it.. At the bottom of the screen of Small print, but it seems to be working…

The page of SL told me this:

Use this form to give us your feedback. Please note that due to the high volume of submissions, we may not be able to immediately respond to all general questions or information requests submitted. 

 OK, so I tried to ask my question: 2 options: billing or technical.. Nothing else? Strange. NP: I selected 1 (random) and asked my question about identification… The question is (sorry about the english typo’s, no spelling checker yet on SL homepage):

Questions about the identity registration:

 I’m deeple concerned about the new identity registration. I don’t understand all these things. I like more information, which is understandable also to non US residents… We don’t all have the same way to use registration, In EU it is different then the US.. And not every country is as save as the US, for protecting the personal data… Plz give more info, before you start implementing the new strict registration rules.

See what happens now…

The end?

In the Dutch SL forum I saw something disturbing…

News from Second Life: more data from me, for registration.. Why?
Identity verification. Big brother will be watching me… Or just stop?

No alternatives? This can be the end of my short life in SL… I would not like it,
but I also don’t like the idea of a big compagny having to much of my private information… Not while the rights of me are not yet implemented in some sort of laws…

I really thinking about stopping, when it comes to this…. Looking for an alternative. Is their any? A workaround.. I hope so.

Read more on identity verification at the SL site

No sleep

OK.. could not resist.. LOL.

Now I’m addicted to SL. So what?

It’s just fun… I think. Sleep can wait. Life is too short. SL too 🙂


SL is fun, but it takes a lot of time..
At least, when you do it, like me… All the things at once.

There’s only one problem. In RL (real life) I have to eat and sleep too..

Eat is no big problem: I can do that while walking in SL.
Sleeping is more difficult. Perhaps eat less and sleep more…
Or try to sleep in RL, and not stay up all night in SL?

Addicted? Who? Me? Noooooooooooooooooo….

Now I try to stay out of SL one day… See if I can do that … 🙂

I’m rich !

I sold 4 more paintings… I was very happy. Surprised and happy.
I’m no longer a poor painter… I’m suddenly very rich.

What to do next? So many things are possible now…

I gave away 10% to the first person who asked… Why not?
And imported some more paintings. Have to expand my gallery soon…

Can’t decide on next step… Think some more… Give it a few days.
See what happens.

30 paintings

Gee’s Air Gallery 1

I lost count of my own paintings… Almost 30 I think. All in my gallery: Gee’s Air Gallery. A few friends came to visit. Most of them liked what they saw… Perhaps later, I have to start an opening.. Or just have fun and see what happens? Gee’s Air Gallery /2 I made these 2 signs and will make 2 more for Lowe Skyboxes… SL starts to look like RL… work, things to do.. and no free time left to do all the nice things. I take a vacation, soon… On a beach, lying on a towel all day. Perhaps even camp and get some money?