First contact

I made a big step… Tried to contact SL today. A bit difficult, but I found it.. At the bottom of the screen of Small print, but it seems to be working…

The page of SL told me this:

Use this form to give us your feedback. Please note that due to the high volume of submissions, we may not be able to immediately respond to all general questions or information requests submitted. 

 OK, so I tried to ask my question: 2 options: billing or technical.. Nothing else? Strange. NP: I selected 1 (random) and asked my question about identification… The question is (sorry about the english typo’s, no spelling checker yet on SL homepage):

Questions about the identity registration:

 I’m deeple concerned about the new identity registration. I don’t understand all these things. I like more information, which is understandable also to non US residents… We don’t all have the same way to use registration, In EU it is different then the US.. And not every country is as save as the US, for protecting the personal data… Plz give more info, before you start implementing the new strict registration rules.

See what happens now…


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  1. […] Posted on May 30th, 2007. After more then 5 days, I got an answer from Linden. I asked about ID verification..  […]

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