Trust Integrety?

This is something to think about: no direct source… But I will try to find more info. Things are getting more and more … ? Well.. interesting is not the right word any more… Strange? Like all other things in SL?

Integrity is just a brand name of Aristotle. Aristotle is acompany gathering data and process this data for political parties to make election propaganda more effective.  Get informed:

Would you trustfully give your very personal data to a company offering “Power Tools for Politics”?

* Keep in mind: This is a database with people who 
* explicitly want to see adult content! It’s a gift
* for some republican politics, religious extremists
* or fanatics….. 
* – in other words, the customers of Aristotle. 

I’m not sure if this is true or not. Perhaps just a gossip.. But is’t an interesting read.

How is Aristotle connected to Integrety? Aristotle claims on their site:
Democracy is our business. Political professionals are our customers

How will this saveguard my id information? I still don’t get a very happy feeling…

And I still don’t know what company SL will use in Holland (or Europe as a whole?)… Seems to me it’s not all that save to trust SL with my data… Or any other compagny, in that matter… Don’t forget: any website and any digital system can be corrupted. I’ve seen it happen, and it will happen in the future.

Who is really who in RL… Sensitive info… Do I want my real name on the street? I certainly will think about it… Today, for me, SL is fun. Let’s hope it stays that way…


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