SL still is fun. For me. I learn a lot about people, and it’s fun to walk in SL, meet people and visit nice places… But more important: I still am learning about me. And how I interact, why I do (or don’t do) things.

It started when I met an octopus. He (of She, pretending to be a He) made a great Av and was just floating in the air. Had a nice chat with him. Too bad I forget his name.

Then I met more and more fascinating people. Cats, butterflies, vampires, dragons… Beautifull (human-like) women and men too. And I learned it is nice. Meeting them, having fun in SL together.  No matter what they do in SL and what they look like.

Shocking… I learned things about me. How I look at people. I still can’t reduce the way an AV looks, in my mind. Perhaps I will never learn how?

Exploring SL is exploring ME… Great lessons to be learned. Same as RL. All things are lessons. A way to learn. Of these things… But more important. About you and who you are.

What’s the differance with RL? Perhaps the way people interact? Faster, more direct?

I’m interested what “voice” will be adding to the SL universe. Me, I still have to fix my boxes. I don’t even have sound yet… 🙂 …

Read more about “voice” at the official blog of SL:


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