Linden did answer

After more then 5 days, I got an answer from Linden.
My question was about ID verification.

Thank you for contacting the Second Life Billing Support Team. 
What we know now is found at our offical blog spot:  Regards, Jenny
***Using Yahoo Mail?  If this message appears empty, try forwarding it to a non-Yahoo mail account.  Your answer is there..we promise!***

Well… The good news is, it’s an answer.

The bad news is it did not answer my question. All I got was a link to the website with the subject I was asking about. That’s not an answer! And why can’t I use Yahoo… I thought it was one of the best emailers these days… What then.. Hotmail? Gmail? Why?

Well, OK.. I’m not a paying SL player. I think I will stay that, in the near future. Hope SL will improve itself. Give faster and better answers… And off course, fix some very nasty bugs… Still no friends online. Even the SL website says: “Friends online has been temporarily disabled.”

OK, I walk in SL. All around the world. And yes, somethimes, it’s fun. I meet new friends. And somethimes all I find are empty spaces… Houses, shops, bars.. But no people in them… Completely deserted lands…

Then I feel lost and sad. 

It would be nice if I could find some old friends… And no, I will not ask Linden a question about it. What’s the use of that? They know the problems. I don’t want to waste their time… I hope they will fix them, instead of introducing others…

Coming soon… New and exiting:

1) New viewers: windlight
2) Voice !!!
3) ID verification.

I can’t imagine the problems this will create. Why not just first fix the old problems, before introducing new systems (and just more problems, off course).

Perhaps I have to start a website to meet my lost friends… Outside SL off course, just to avoid the crashes, rolling restarts and buggy friends list… Lets see… Perhaps someone has already had that same idea?


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