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Graphics fun


Still recovering from nasty virus.. Comp. cleaned, windos installed again… Now installing all the software. Takes lots of time: graphics are great, but now comp. keeps crashing: don’t know why… Graphics driver won’t install… More days with problems to come, I’m afraid…

But it also is fun. Second life keeps amazing me. Great places and nice people. Some crashes can’t spoil all the fun. Met a strange bird, in a new and strange place… And have a question about frames…

frame example

How to use them? I have PSP, make frames and put them around my paintings… But is that the only way? Must be a better way? Still so much to learn about SL 🙂


Search engines

I’m famous. I can be found in search engines… So perhaps my gallery will have more visitors.. And perhaps I will sell some more paintings?

In yahoo, type “gee noel” and search.. The name comes up FIRST !!!
In google, type “gee noel“… My name comes up too. Second, but still very good.
(first is a real compagny: , I wonder how they will react if they see my hits just after their site ?).

I think it’s because of my posts in forums… Search engines look and index these very good… But it’s a surprise, to see how quick this happens. Perhaps I should make a better intro in this blog? Who knows who will come over and read this? But no.. Not yet. Just see what will happen…

Will Open Letters help?

I was just wondering… Will Linden really listen to its people? Or is the compagny just getting to big to listen anymore? Growing too fast and … then? What? Crash or grow?

It’s fun to see what will happen… Too bad my pc has this nasty virus thing. But then, I have all the time to sign the Open Letter… Asking Linden to fix to bugs first, and then later on, perhaps introduce new things… I hope it’s way to get their attention… But then… Will a compagny ever listen to the people.. It’s a big compagny, and they have a way of doing things their own way? Well. If I don’t do anything, then I sure will know nothing happens. At least I signed the letter… Hoping that some day, perhaps, it will work… Why not. Always try to be positive.

Virus vacation

I will be off SL for a few days… PC seems to have a nasty virus… And to make things worse: RL is asking more time. The weather is good, plants and weeds are overgrowing the garden.. Stuff like that. So, it’s a forced holiday, away from SL.

But I’ll be back soon, I think. SL is fun and there’s still very much I want to learn, and see and do…