New Gallery(s)

Lots of things happening:

1) moving out of my first little nice sky box gallery (a bit sad)
2) moving into big new commercial gallery (a bit happy)
3) found place in New York (small, but very nice: now very happy)

Gallery 1: first gallery. Nice one in skybox. With help of Lowe Skyboxes.
Gallery 2: commercial: Crossworld Gallery, made by German compagny:
Gallery 3: small, feels good, bit like home. With help of New York owner Cheri Bing.

Now off course there’s lots of things to do.

First, I made a sign for visitors.. Even have an object giver script, and it works… Still learning every day, in SL. Now I have to figure out how to make object vendor… And … all other things…

I even had some free time to spend with my friends… “Free time” in a game… Sl is going to look more and more as RL.. Lots of things to do, and not very much time to do them..

So, no… I don’t have the slurl to these 2 new gallerys… Next post, perhaps. If you’re interested, just email me:

Ah, yes.. I even met some very interesting people. And almost bought a dragon outfit. To walk as a dragon can be very interesting… See how it feels, walking and talking as a dragon… Nice to study it, and then write a book about it. I even made some snapshots.. But then.. did not have the time to post them. Perhaps later? We’ll see what happens…


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