Summer Holiday

I’ll be off SL for a while. Not because I don’t like it, but simply because there’s no internet.. I’m going on a long holiday.. Three weeks, perhaps more. Will be difficult, because I like SL very much.. But then, well.. Off course I’ll be back after that.

 palm tree

Perhaps with more ideas about what to do in Sl. I’ll paint and write in RL, and perhaps I’ll use that later on, in SL.. We’ll see what happens…

If you find a strange painting or writing person, under a big palm tree somewhere in the sun, then perhaps it’s me.. Just ask, you can recognize me because I’ll wear a big brown hat 

Don’t know if I’ll take my cloak, but don’t be surprised if I’ll do just that. Must be great, lying in the sun, on my cloak.. Close to the beach on my own private island….

island with house

I’ll dream on.. Perhaps buy an island… I really like Hog Cay… Not in RL, that’s too expensive. But in SL. For a big gallery, beach fun, crasy houses and the rest… Why not?


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