I promised myself to do a few things in SL:
learn,  explore, have fun, meet people, paint, play with creativity and don’t forget to have more fun.

And now all things move in some sort of direction…

head new skin

1) I have the skin I always wanted.. Not looking like some sort of strange water color painting any more.. More like real life person.. Even have the short beard I always have in RL. I saved all my money, but because a gallery wanted to use the photo of me.. It became urgent to do something.. It worked out very well…

 big red dragon

2) I have the dragon AV… Now I can walk and fly like a real dragon.. Feels great, even learned a lot, just by getting used to this great new way of moving… Now I can add more pages to my book… The real feelings of being a dragon… Will make my book even more real…

3) I have had my first interview with nice person of the slobserver ( It’s in French, but the interview was in English (my French is improving, but not that fast lol). They used a few of my paintings, and it all looks very good. You don’t even have to understand French, to go and enjoy the interview (come and see for yourself)… And it works too… People read it and come and look at the paintings… I even get some new ideas.. So the book is growing and growing…

But the time… It costs a lot of time to paint and write a book.. Have to eat and sleep too… In RL.. So it’s good to try to keep the balance.. Is all about learning how to do that…

So yes.. I’m happy.. Wonder what will come next 🙂


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