Dragon fun

I have almost 80 paintings now… Some on display in SL (3 gallerys, 2 more opening soon). I’ve had an interview, and it was published on internet by the Slobserver. Long hours. Hard work. So now, it’s time to have some fun. Too bad the music is not working.. Boxes are down again.. Hardware problem, I think. Will be buying better soon, perhaps. I talk to people… Meet new friends… And share ideas. And continue writing my book.. Perhaps when I’ve reached 100 paintings, it’s time to stop? Reflect on the results. Use the ideas in the book. Perhaps even finish the book?

red dragon front

Or just walk as a dragon in SL.. And learn how it is, to walk between humans (and all other sort of creatures, you’ll meet in SL). Might come to a turning point soon.. Who knows I’ll be off SL for a while? To relax in RL (is important too, but somethimes I seem to forget that). Of just to write on my book… We’ll see what will happen.


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