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Second Hyphe or Second Midlife

Is Second Life going to work?

Some people question it. Or is it just an other hyphe.. Soon to be forgotten?
Will THERE be the future?

I just stay on and look what will happen. Much to learn for me, and lots of fun.
How to find out, how many people use SL?
How many people from Holland?
How many people from other countries?
See if I can find some numbers.

I heard that COCA COLA left Second Life
And joined THERE.
The beginning of the end?


Winter vacation

Well… I’m back. Learned very much, about SL, me and others. Now have 120 paintings, and some are even very nice.. Some people in SL do have them, in there houses. Now I’m thinking what to do next:

1) learn more
2) paint more
3) have fun ???

Still don’t know how to combine all these things, and live a “normal” live in RL too.. Perhaps that’s about learning too? 🙂