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I have some paintings on display.. And sometimes people even buy them. I think that’s nice, it gives me more money to upload more paintings 🙂  I’m glad it makes people happy, to have these paintings. Sometimes I doubt the work I do in Second Life.. But then I get an IM of a person saying he or she likes my work.. Makes me happy again.. I’ll go on making paintings, and write my book too.. It’s a slow process.. But I’ll get there, in the end.


Winter vacation

Well… I’m back. Learned very much, about SL, me and others. Now have 120 paintings, and some are even very nice.. Some people in SL do have them, in there houses. Now I’m thinking what to do next:

1) learn more
2) paint more
3) have fun ???

Still don’t know how to combine all these things, and live a “normal” live in RL too.. Perhaps that’s about learning too? 🙂

Dragon fun

I have almost 80 paintings now… Some on display in SL (3 gallerys, 2 more opening soon). I’ve had an interview, and it was published on internet by the Slobserver. Long hours. Hard work. So now, it’s time to have some fun. Too bad the music is not working.. Boxes are down again.. Hardware problem, I think. Will be buying better soon, perhaps. I talk to people… Meet new friends… And share ideas. And continue writing my book.. Perhaps when I’ve reached 100 paintings, it’s time to stop? Reflect on the results. Use the ideas in the book. Perhaps even finish the book?

red dragon front

Or just walk as a dragon in SL.. And learn how it is, to walk between humans (and all other sort of creatures, you’ll meet in SL). Might come to a turning point soon.. Who knows I’ll be off SL for a while? To relax in RL (is important too, but somethimes I seem to forget that). Of just to write on my book… We’ll see what will happen.


I promised myself to do a few things in SL:
learn,  explore, have fun, meet people, paint, play with creativity and don’t forget to have more fun.

And now all things move in some sort of direction…

head new skin

1) I have the skin I always wanted.. Not looking like some sort of strange water color painting any more.. More like real life person.. Even have the short beard I always have in RL. I saved all my money, but because a gallery wanted to use the photo of me.. It became urgent to do something.. It worked out very well…

 big red dragon

2) I have the dragon AV… Now I can walk and fly like a real dragon.. Feels great, even learned a lot, just by getting used to this great new way of moving… Now I can add more pages to my book… The real feelings of being a dragon… Will make my book even more real…

3) I have had my first interview with nice person of the slobserver ( It’s in French, but the interview was in English (my French is improving, but not that fast lol). They used a few of my paintings, and it all looks very good. You don’t even have to understand French, to go and enjoy the interview (come and see for yourself)… And it works too… People read it and come and look at the paintings… I even get some new ideas.. So the book is growing and growing…

But the time… It costs a lot of time to paint and write a book.. Have to eat and sleep too… In RL.. So it’s good to try to keep the balance.. Is all about learning how to do that…

So yes.. I’m happy.. Wonder what will come next 🙂

New gallery at Koala Pink Property

I have found a new place for my paintings:

the 5th floor of a very nice exposition space at Koala Pink Property.

I made some new paintings.. And even sold one already 🙂

Come and look for yourself !

Summer Holiday

I’ll be off SL for a while. Not because I don’t like it, but simply because there’s no internet.. I’m going on a long holiday.. Three weeks, perhaps more. Will be difficult, because I like SL very much.. But then, well.. Off course I’ll be back after that.

 palm tree

Perhaps with more ideas about what to do in Sl. I’ll paint and write in RL, and perhaps I’ll use that later on, in SL.. We’ll see what happens…

If you find a strange painting or writing person, under a big palm tree somewhere in the sun, then perhaps it’s me.. Just ask, you can recognize me because I’ll wear a big brown hat 

Don’t know if I’ll take my cloak, but don’t be surprised if I’ll do just that. Must be great, lying in the sun, on my cloak.. Close to the beach on my own private island….

island with house

I’ll dream on.. Perhaps buy an island… I really like Hog Cay… Not in RL, that’s too expensive. But in SL. For a big gallery, beach fun, crasy houses and the rest… Why not?

Lost second gallery

Due to a misunderstanding I suddenly lost my second gallery.
That was very fast: the first one I had for 3 months, the second for 3 weeks…

So now, instead of having 3, I only have one place to display my paintings:

Crossworlds Gallerys (made possible by Lynto)

I was sad… At first. Now, after a while, I can see the good in this… New changes. New ways to experiment… And still have some fun.

I made a painting for a friend… Almost finished. Here’s the preview:


So yes.. I’m still painting and having fun.

But I’m very busy too: what’s new 🙂 ?

Because Crossworlds can’t display all my work, and because it’s only for short time, I’m looking for a new place. Hope it will be as nice as my first and second gallerys: small, cosy and a bit like home.. I asked a lot of people.. And visited lots of gallerys in SL… Now, see what will happen.

New Gallery(s)

Lots of things happening:

1) moving out of my first little nice sky box gallery (a bit sad)
2) moving into big new commercial gallery (a bit happy)
3) found place in New York (small, but very nice: now very happy)

Gallery 1: first gallery. Nice one in skybox. With help of Lowe Skyboxes.
Gallery 2: commercial: Crossworld Gallery, made by German compagny:
Gallery 3: small, feels good, bit like home. With help of New York owner Cheri Bing.

Now off course there’s lots of things to do.

First, I made a sign for visitors.. Even have an object giver script, and it works… Still learning every day, in SL. Now I have to figure out how to make object vendor… And … all other things…

I even had some free time to spend with my friends… “Free time” in a game… Sl is going to look more and more as RL.. Lots of things to do, and not very much time to do them..

So, no… I don’t have the slurl to these 2 new gallerys… Next post, perhaps. If you’re interested, just email me:

Ah, yes.. I even met some very interesting people. And almost bought a dragon outfit. To walk as a dragon can be very interesting… See how it feels, walking and talking as a dragon… Nice to study it, and then write a book about it. I even made some snapshots.. But then.. did not have the time to post them. Perhaps later? We’ll see what happens…

Graphics fun


Still recovering from nasty virus.. Comp. cleaned, windos installed again… Now installing all the software. Takes lots of time: graphics are great, but now comp. keeps crashing: don’t know why… Graphics driver won’t install… More days with problems to come, I’m afraid…

But it also is fun. Second life keeps amazing me. Great places and nice people. Some crashes can’t spoil all the fun. Met a strange bird, in a new and strange place… And have a question about frames…

frame example

How to use them? I have PSP, make frames and put them around my paintings… But is that the only way? Must be a better way? Still so much to learn about SL 🙂

No answer from Linden. Let’s have fun.

Interesting: still no answer from SL..

Rider at dragons passage 

A few days ago,  I asked about Age Verification. Still no answer. Yet. Is this the usual thing for Linden? Send a standard email, and nothing else? Strange… Well. Np. I just finished an other painting. 

I will upload it (and pay 10 l$). Just for the fun of it. Hope it will last. Still a bit worried. Let’s have fun, as long as it lasts. Hope it may last a long time…

Buy this painting? Or look at other paintings: visit Gee’s Air Gallery

Creativity and discussions

The art of discussions…

The discussion about age verification is good, but also fun. Much to learn, for me. Arguments, feelings, trust, humor too… Emotions and facts, interacting.
Almost like art. Interesting stuff, this. Not only for the actual things, that will happen. But also because it does something with emotions. For me a good thing to learn.

Fun to watch, and very good for looking at it, with an creative mind-set. Here ‘s a bit of text (not from me, but very good read).

Will history repeat itself?

 The full text of the reaction of T. Trudeau in the petition against Intrusive Age Verification ( )

This is reaction 917. There’s more interesting info in the petition, but this one caught my eye. Perhaps because my reaction is number 916. And also number 918 (double, yes, sorry: system did not check my name, I’m afraid). It’s a good read, enjoy. And hope Sl will never end…

Text of T. Trudeau:

Before I became a member of SL in 2005, I was a member of another virtual world (actually 2 different worlds with the same parent company, VZones). My association with that other company began clear back in 2000.

VZones originally advertised one of their worlds – VZ Connections – as an “adult-only” product back in 1998. It was conceived as a virtual dating place for adults, and the parent company even worked in tandem with an online dating service. But that began to change within a couple of years.

How and why did it change? Well, management wanted to expand business. At the time, virtual worlds were still in their infancy. VZC had a small but loyal group of members, but the business wasn’t expanding as quickly as management wanted it to expand. So, to get new people to try their service, they decided to offer both free accounts, and greatly discounted paid memberships in VZC. And though new members still had to check that “I certify that I am at least 18 years of age” box, they didn’t have to furnish credit card numbers to become free members.

Free accounts were restricted to the “free areas”. It’s hard to compare apples to oranges here, but it would be like restricting all of the “no payment info on file” members in SL to say, 20 or 25 sims in all of SL. But for the nominal price of $9.95 USD, you could buy a 6-month account that had full access to VZC.

The end result of this offer was nothing but PURE CHAOS, for both members and management.

What they discovered was that – instead of attracting NEW customers – their discounted price was encouraging their present membership to invest in as many alt accounts as they could afford to carry. It also encouraged some families to allow their teenagers to have accounts there.

Their kids wanted those accounts…..they saw Mom & Dad having fun with those little avatars, and they wanted to join in. Some of the more liberal parents saw no harm in it. But they usually let the kids start in the free areas.

The free areas were more like free-for-alls. That’s where the griefers, cheats and con artists liked to hang out. Being in the free areas for any length of time was a uniquely unpleasant experience. The main inhabitants there invariably swore like sailors and acted like prize creeps. But once Mom and/or Dad had allowed their kids into VZC, they found it difficult to cancel their kids’ accounts. So their kids stayed IW and “under their supervision” (yeah, right), with paid accounts.

Eventually VZones’ management wised-up to the fact that they really hadn’t gained that many NEW paying customers with their free and discounted membership offers. They quit offering the free accounts, which (for the most part) was a GOOD thing. Ridding themselves of the free accounts also got rid of most of the troublemakers…..though there were some who had become so heavily vested in VZC that they decided to stay and pay their monthly membership fees.

Then there were the members who had joined at the discount rate. Those accounts were allowed to stay through their current 6-month membership period…..but once that last 6 months was up they had to start paying $9.95 per month, per account. There was a huge outcry against management’s decision to also stop offering the discounted memberships in VZC, and many people left because of it. The once heavily-prolific alt accounts became much more rare.

VZC no longer exists under that name, and the world it has evolved into now touts itself as a PG-13 world…..much to the dismay of most of the oldbies there. The partnership with the online dating service is long gone. I would conservatively guess that they have lost at least 50% of their old (and formerly VERY loyal) customer base, due to this and other issues. I dropped my last account there last month, after being a member of 7 years AND a former staffer.

The reason I bring this up is that I see history repeating itself in SL, and it saddens me. I’m NOT saying that everyone with a “no payment info given” account is a low-life (that wasn’t the case in VZC, either), but the sheer proliferation of those accounts has to also raise the likelihood of encountering more cheats and griefers.

Having said all that, I agree with almost everyone here that it’s patently ridiculous of LL to start “carding” all of its legitimate members, especially when those members who were caught in this age play incident were both – in fact – of legal age. I simply don’t see where age play in general has anything to do with minors being present in the adult grid.

LL has been no more or less remiss in its membership requirements than other similar companies. IMO, if a relative handful of deviously clever teenagers manages to make it into SL by deceptive means, then anything “harmful” they might happen to see is their own doing. Instead of getting angry at LL and threatening legal action, parents should be punishing their kids for their dishonesty. And while they’re at it, they need to take stock of their own lack of responsibility, in not supervising their offsping more closely.

LL cannot seriously be considering what so many fear. Until (and unless) it actually happens, I’ll view it as so much farting in the wind. They cannot legally ask for personal information (i.e. Social Security or Passport numbers), so why worry ourselves sick over it? And think about it….they are going to try and force over 6 MILLION members to provide proof of age?

I think once they consider all of the ramifications of this idea, LL will realize that they are:

1. overreacting,
2. directing their overreaction toward the wrong parties,
3. overstepping their bounds both legally and logistically,
4. seriously underestimating how many loyal customers they will offend.

They may just back off before this “plan” ever comes to fruition. Let’s all HOPE so.

Comment by T. Trudeau — May 14, 2007


Gee Noel in front of some paintingsWas fun in SL today…

Made some paintings. Meet people. Learn about SL…
Hope i will still be in SL when the new registration rules are implemented. Nothing from Sl yet, on my question about that… Will have to wait and see what happens… Worries me sometimes. Not much.. But still. At the background, in my mind.

This is photo of my, in front of some paintings. Hope I will be able to make more… Ah well… It is fun, while I still can play as a non registred user. How long? Nobody knows.

Ah well… That’s life.

I’m rich !

I sold 4 more paintings… I was very happy. Surprised and happy.
I’m no longer a poor painter… I’m suddenly very rich.

What to do next? So many things are possible now…

I gave away 10% to the first person who asked… Why not?
And imported some more paintings. Have to expand my gallery soon…

Can’t decide on next step… Think some more… Give it a few days.
See what happens.

30 paintings

Gee’s Air Gallery 1

I lost count of my own paintings… Almost 30 I think. All in my gallery: Gee’s Air Gallery. A few friends came to visit. Most of them liked what they saw… Perhaps later, I have to start an opening.. Or just have fun and see what happens? Gee’s Air Gallery /2 I made these 2 signs and will make 2 more for Lowe Skyboxes… SL starts to look like RL… work, things to do.. and no free time left to do all the nice things. I take a vacation, soon… On a beach, lying on a towel all day. Perhaps even camp and get some money?

Lowe Skyboxes

Lowe Skyboxes (small picture)

With help of my friend, I now have a great gallery:
Gee’s Air Gallery. I even sold my first painting this way.

My friend is selling skyboxes: Lowe Skyboxes.  

I am trying to help my friend by making signs and tell people about Lowe Skyboxes… You can buy them.. Low on prims and very low prices… 350 L$ is very cheap, for such great skyboxes.

Here’s the first sign. Perhaps more will follow. Larger verion:

Lowe Skyboxes

First painting sold

I just found out: I sold my first painting…

Now it’s time to party…
Or perhaps save the money and upload more paintings?

I almost have a gallery

With the help of Lowe Skyboxes I’m starting a gallery… In a skybox ! Lowe Skyboxes, sign by Noel Gee

I  have 12 paintings in SL now… and more to come.
Never sold any of them, but I’m not in a hurry…

Have fun, and see what happens….