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Second Hyphe or Second Midlife

Is Second Life going to work?

Some people question it. Or is it just an other hyphe.. Soon to be forgotten?
Will THERE be the future?

I just stay on and look what will happen. Much to learn for me, and lots of fun.
How to find out, how many people use SL?
How many people from Holland?
How many people from other countries?
See if I can find some numbers.

I heard that COCA COLA left Second Life
And joined THERE.
The beginning of the end?



It’s blog action day… Great idea, and fun to be part of something like this. 

blog action day

Why not want a better world? It’s OK to think about Paradise.. I even write a book about it… And more and more people seem to be thinking about a better place. Sure, it will never be Paradise. But I think Paradise is a fundamental thing… All people have it… Inside. The wish to be in a better place. And why not think about it? Write and paint and be creative. All small things might help…. Ideas… The collection of ideas. The cumulation of good ideas for a better environment… Why not start a forum for just that? I’d be willing to join, if I could find it…

Password theft possible

Strange things can happen, both in RL and SL… But theft?

New to me, but still… Seems possible. NP for me, still a poor painter, and no. I don’t use credit cards.. No money, so nothing to steal… Hope it stays that way. Read more at:

Search engines

I’m famous. I can be found in search engines… So perhaps my gallery will have more visitors.. And perhaps I will sell some more paintings?

In yahoo, type “gee noel” and search.. The name comes up FIRST !!!
In google, type “gee noel“… My name comes up too. Second, but still very good.
(first is a real compagny: , I wonder how they will react if they see my hits just after their site ?).

I think it’s because of my posts in forums… Search engines look and index these very good… But it’s a surprise, to see how quick this happens. Perhaps I should make a better intro in this blog? Who knows who will come over and read this? But no.. Not yet. Just see what will happen…

Will Open Letters help?

I was just wondering… Will Linden really listen to its people? Or is the compagny just getting to big to listen anymore? Growing too fast and … then? What? Crash or grow?

It’s fun to see what will happen… Too bad my pc has this nasty virus thing. But then, I have all the time to sign the Open Letter… Asking Linden to fix to bugs first, and then later on, perhaps introduce new things… I hope it’s way to get their attention… But then… Will a compagny ever listen to the people.. It’s a big compagny, and they have a way of doing things their own way? Well. If I don’t do anything, then I sure will know nothing happens. At least I signed the letter… Hoping that some day, perhaps, it will work… Why not. Always try to be positive.

No sleep

OK.. could not resist.. LOL.

Now I’m addicted to SL. So what?

It’s just fun… I think. Sleep can wait. Life is too short. SL too 🙂


SL is fun, but it takes a lot of time..
At least, when you do it, like me… All the things at once.

There’s only one problem. In RL (real life) I have to eat and sleep too..

Eat is no big problem: I can do that while walking in SL.
Sleeping is more difficult. Perhaps eat less and sleep more…
Or try to sleep in RL, and not stay up all night in SL?

Addicted? Who? Me? Noooooooooooooooooo….

Now I try to stay out of SL one day… See if I can do that … 🙂

First try of second me

first photo

First post… see what happens. Have to reshape this site soon.
For now, just playing and trying to use WordPress…
Impatient, perhaps?