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End of long vacation

RL vacation is ended…  Was fun…
Too short, but all things must end some day. 
Soon I’ll be back in SL.
See if there’s any changes there.


Summer Holiday

I’ll be off SL for a while. Not because I don’t like it, but simply because there’s no internet.. I’m going on a long holiday.. Three weeks, perhaps more. Will be difficult, because I like SL very much.. But then, well.. Off course I’ll be back after that.

 palm tree

Perhaps with more ideas about what to do in Sl. I’ll paint and write in RL, and perhaps I’ll use that later on, in SL.. We’ll see what happens…

If you find a strange painting or writing person, under a big palm tree somewhere in the sun, then perhaps it’s me.. Just ask, you can recognize me because I’ll wear a big brown hat 

Don’t know if I’ll take my cloak, but don’t be surprised if I’ll do just that. Must be great, lying in the sun, on my cloak.. Close to the beach on my own private island….

island with house

I’ll dream on.. Perhaps buy an island… I really like Hog Cay… Not in RL, that’s too expensive. But in SL. For a big gallery, beach fun, crasy houses and the rest… Why not?

Virus vacation

I will be off SL for a few days… PC seems to have a nasty virus… And to make things worse: RL is asking more time. The weather is good, plants and weeds are overgrowing the garden.. Stuff like that. So, it’s a forced holiday, away from SL.

But I’ll be back soon, I think. SL is fun and there’s still very much I want to learn, and see and do…

End of vacation.

My short SL vacation has ended… Only been away for a few days. Got some sleep, in RL. And thought about what to do next, in SL… Work (paint more, sell more), have fun, meet people, spend time with friends, visit new places… Or start working on technical stuff…

Me, I’m just a tourist. Enjoy all things… And perhaps stay, perhaps go after few days. SL is not my real home (yet), but I like it a lot. Addicted? No. But it sure is fun to play the game… And meeting some special people, so perhaps it’s more than a game? Me, I just enjoy SL and see what will happen next…

SL vacation?

I’ve been in SL for almost 3 months now. Seen wonderfull things. Talked to a lot of nice people (from all over the world… my English is getting better, I hope. My French still needs a lot of work and my German is terrible, but nobody cares. Most of the time it’s fun.

I even made friends, and also lost some. Strange thing: SL friendships… Some women are mad at me. But they don’t know me at all, so who are they mad at? I don’t want to hurt anybody, but it seems to happen. Very strange. But most of the friends I made are just normal and nice people.. Well.. What’s normal in SL? Me, I wear a cloak on the beach, in the sun… And a hat, off course. I like cloaks and hats. But who’s to judge others.. I saw people dressed at cats, angels, butterflies… I even met an octopus once, flying in the sky. I had a nice chat wiht him (or her, you never know in SL)… It sure did widen my perspective of the human nature…

I even met some people who are special friends. Never thought it would happen, but yes, SL friendships are just the same as in RL. You never now exactly what will happen next… Things grow, all the time. And most of the time, I like it too. I’m a nice person, and it’s nice to meet other nice people. They exist in RL and in SL too.

I worked.. Get money on beatch towels and dancepads (camping). After a few weeks I made paintings, and had fun with it… Even sold a few, and made some L$$… With the money I made more paintings… Even met a nice person who helped me.. I use the space of Lowe Skyboxes. Just for fun, and perhaps it will create attention to the nice skyboxes she sells.

But now I’m at a turning point… What to do next? I can expand the gallery. Exploit it more in a commercial way (try selling more). But for me, that’s no fun. I like to create and never did care if it would sell… Or perhaps go back to writing again… Complete my book, and reuse the paintings as a source of inspiration? Or drop it all, create a new AV and try living in SL in an other way? Or….

For now, it’s time for a vacation. Perhaps for a day, perhaps a week. I’ll see. Get my feelings and thoughts together. Decide what to do in RL and SL. Get some sleep too?

Fun, when you think of it. Just like RL, I start planning vacations for SL. Strangly interacting, these two worlds. I will miss some of the people I met in SL, but I hope they will wait for me.

Vacation starts… Tonight. Just say hi to some friends, if they are online. And then I’m off. Away. Until when? One week.. Two weeks… See how addicted I am. Not more then two weeks, I think… Then I will sure come back to SL, and have fun again. With new ideas, new things to do and old friends to see again.

Bye for now,
Au revoir,
tot ziens.