New ideas (newest at the top) 

14) Non profit organisations… Help governements to make their own places in SL… Now it seems everybody has to find out how SL works, and some make a profit of that. Perhaps a SL non profit organisation to help other RL non profit organisations?

13) No postal offices? No banks? No help with money transactions. Or insurances and things like that? No notary to leave my SL will.. Who will have to keep my belongings (paintings and other stuff) in case I die? Seems to me not very much people think about that.

12) Why there’s only a English user interface: I would like a interface with more languages: Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian… Why not? More than 20% of the SL users don’t use English as their own standard language. Some French people only understand French. With a English user interface that is very hard for them, I noticed./

11) What to do in SL (and how): I really miss the tourist office.

10) social networking tools.. Who is who.. Who knows who. Why not?

9) interfaces… WII-like, touch-screens, dedicated SL interfaces…

8 ) Read mail, work in group together, share documents, use office-tools online, … connect SL to other systems and see what you can get… 

7) elderly of disabled people… Perhaps they can’t leave their home that easy… Don’t need too, buy their own food in SL, get delivered in RL.. Meet people too… Why not?

6) help-groups… meeting people with the same problems.. great to get support from people from all over the world

5) books.. finding, reading and selling .. i like to buy books in RL, so why not use the SL interface…

4) Why not use Google earth to display the grid of SL

3) Why only one planet… I like to rent a small astroid. More planets in this solar system.

2) people, more real… Import from Poser and Bryce?

1) integration with landscaping tools: The GIS from ESRI, the interface of Stronghold (2, not legends)… Combined with Terragen. Why not?

>>> more ideas to come, newest at the top <<<


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