List of interesting links. Newest on top. If you want your link to be added, just email me: (plz explain what the site is about, in 2 or 3 lines).

(11) Blog action day… Make a better world with a better environment… And do it together.

(10). Thoughts on SL.. Nice article in Http://

(9) Project Open Letter. People asking Linden to fix bugs first and then add more nice new things later… Off course I signed it too.

(8) Reuters SL pages:

(7) Terms, names… Glossary of SL:

(6) ArianeB: life in the Metaverse. Good read. Interesting ideas, and lots of info about 3d worlds:

(5) Petition against Age Verification

(4) Gee’s Air Gallery:

(3) Active World: an alternative for SL (when the id verification is implemented) ?

(2) GRID GRIND: weblog with news about SL (and tips, gossip and more)

(1) Interesting article about things to be done in SL…
(found 8 may 2007, informationweek blog)

This is a fascinating read: perhaps I make a list of my favo’s too?
When I was new in SL, I found it very confusing. What to do first, and how to do it? Yes, for newbies a list of: what to do in SL and how to do it, would be nice.
Sort of tourist information services. Perhaps it’s fun to start one?


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