Technical stuff

 August 27… 2007 (27/08/07)

Found an interesting article about technical things in the SL blogs. Good read. Hope they solve the stability problems soon.. Read more about “Linden Lab’s Effort to Improve Grid Stability” at the SL site.

July 25… 2007 (25/07/07)

Power problems in America.. Why they have such an impact on SL.. No servers in Europe? No backup power systems? Strange. Hope Linden will try to make this more stable.. SL is a nice place to be… Even when it’s down from time to time. Still not made any t-shirt, but have a working object giver and even a rotating thing, to display paintings.. Still fun, and still learning a lot. Don’t mind the downtime.. If they are only for a short time, off course 🙂 

May 22… 2007 (22/05/07) 

For me the fun of SL is learning… I think about things, and then see if it can be done. A few days ago I tried to make t-shirts. Seems so easy, but to make nice once, you seem to have a more technical mind… Alpha-channels, TGA files… Well, I just struggle on, and see what happens.

Some nice people offered their help, so perhaps I will get there. And the idea was to give free t-shirts.. With paintings and text.. To get more people to my gallery. But perhaps I have to skip that idea. Better to work on other things. But well.. Perhaps I make t-shirts all the same: just for the fun of it…

Still have to understand the Alpha-channel stuff…

May 15… 2007 (15/05/07)

New viewer installed. Nothing strange happened. Version 1.15. Said to be more stable. Some bugs fixed. Well.. yes. Installation was fast. Playing SL was OK. No problems. Crashed only once. Did not log in again but decided to get some sleep. 
Good average: only one crash per hour. Hope it stays this way. 

May 4… 2007 (4/5/07)

SL is down again. Login problems, it seems. Too bad…

Grid status: online
Total Residents: 6,074,095
Online Now: 9,750

More then 9,000 people online ! Why not me?
No more help. No more info. Just can’t log in.
Strange place SL 

May 1.. 2007 (1/5/2007)

 Strange things. My language skills are not all that good… So I tend to miss things in conversations in SL. NP everybody says, so in SL it’s OK.. But when I try to understand the technical things in it’s worse…

Look at this:

[5:05 AM PDT] Unfortunately, we’ve been having more troubles with the database affecting search and related features in the last hour. And again, we’re been doing recovery processes until we can tackle the deeper causes of this issue. Seeing as how this continues to flare up every few hours, it’s frustrating to us as it is you, and we’ll keep you updated on the longer-term progress we make with this and other Grid issues.

I’m sorry. Most of the things seem locigal.. But I can’t understand why there’s no FRIENDS list… And the site does not explain it.. Not to me.. Perhaps to people who like to read for hours and understand the technical language better… Not me. Too bad. I just have to wait and hope and pray… One day my friends list will return. Like magic.

Too bad SL does not communicate better with it’s users… Yes, I don’t speak English very good… That’s no excuse.. A large part of the SL population doesn’t. When I have time (LOL) I try to mail people of SL. Perhaps they can try to improve communications.. Even to non-English speaking people… Would be nice.

23/4/07… SL will be down, new version.

I don’t understand all these things.

Downtime is bad, but perhaps SL will be better after a short period? We’ll see what happens… Seems I have to update my viewer too. Don’t know how or why or what.. Think more people will face these questions. Too bad the info of is not that … well.. easy to understand. I’m not a newbie any more, but my English is not perfact. I miss things and don’t understand all that is told… And I bet I’m not the only one… Ah, well… We’ll see what happens. It’s fun using SL, besides some bugs.. When the bugs stay away, it well be even more fun.

14/3/07: SL was down: too bad. Maintenance.

More at: 

Well, how long is it going to take? I don’t know: times are all in American timezones. I have to find a calculating tool (perhaps a website)… Hope SL is back soon. I’ll just have to wait..

And then a message at an other post at the official blog:

Update: 11:59am PDT: We’re open. Thanks for your patience!
Logins are likely to be a little bumpy as everyone’s stuff tries to load at once.

Of course I’ll try and see what will happen. So 11.59 is 20.18 at my home…
Extract 8 hours from my own time? Is it that simple?

================== (1) ============ 

13/3/07: Don’t like the technical part

SL seems to be working.. But has no weblog for residents.

I think.. Can’t find any, looking for a week.
So I started my own at wordpress:

Idea for the future of SL: weblogging free for all residents.
Wouldn’t that be nice?


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